11 juni 2024

Launch of Vorne.io: transforming healthcare funding

Launch of Vorne.io: transforming healthcare funding

GENEVA, 11 JUNE 2024. Partisia Blockchain announces the launch of Vorne.io, an innovative fundraising platform developed by the Health Innovation Exchange (HIEx) and powered by Partisia Blockchain and its multiparty computation (MPC) technology. This pioneering platform is set to transform the landscape of healthcare fundraising by addressing a critical issue: the lack of transparency in demonstrating the impact of donations.

Health Innovation Exchange is dedicated to improving access to healthcare worldwide. With the introduction of Vorne.io, HIEx tackles the longstanding challenge of transparency in fundraising. For the first time, Vorne.io offers not only a simple one-click donation feature, but also transparent value-chain reporting throughout the lifecycle of donated funds. This transformative approach ensures that donors can see the direct impact of their contributions, fostering trust and accountability.

Partisia Blockchain plays a pivotal role in this process by creating a one-to-one match between donations and a stable token. This token is minted, utilized and meticulously tracked to ensure full transparency of the impact each donation makes on the supported cause. By leveraging its technology, Partisia Blockchain ensures that every transaction is secure, transparent and immutable, setting a new standard in the healthcare fundraising sector.

Peter Frandsen, Chief Technology Officer at Partisia Blockchain, says:

“We are honored to partner with the Health Innovation Exchange. Through this collaboration, which commenced in Davos during the World Economic Forum, we reaffirm our commitment to advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our technology not only enhances transparency and accountability in healthcare donations, but also drives significant progress towards achieving the SDGs.”


Benefits of Partisia Blockchain and MPC in healthcare:

Enhanced transparency and accountability: Partisia Blockchain’s immutable and transparent nature ensures that all transactions and data are verifiable and secure. Vorne.io leverages this capability to provide real-time, transparent reporting of fund utilization, thereby increasing donor trust and accountability.

Secure and efficient data management: Partisia Blockchain offers a robust framework for managing and sharing sensitive healthcare data. This ensures that information remains confidential and tamper-proof, leading to improved patient outcomes and streamlined operations.

Improved supply chain management: By providing end-to-end visibility, blockchain ensures that medical supplies are authentic and have been stored and transported under the right conditions. This reduces the risk of counterfeit drugs and enhances patient safety, which plagues many countries in the developing world.

Facilitating interoperability: Partisia Blockchain can serve as a universal protocol for information exchange, enabling seamless access and sharing of critical data across various healthcare platforms and systems.

The launch of Vorne.io underscores our commitment to bringing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to life. Specifically:

SDG 3: Good health and well-being: Partisia Blockchain and MPC enhance the efficiency and transparency of healthcare systems, ensuring that resources are used effectively to improve health outcomes.

SDG 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructure: By integrating advanced technologies like blockchain and MPC, we build resilient healthcare infrastructures that support sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.

SDG 17: Partnerships for the goals: Collaborative efforts between entities like Partisia Blockchain and HIEx exemplify the power of partnerships in achieving the SDGs.

This endeavor once again emphasizes the transformative impact of Partisia Blockchain and multiparty computation technology on the healthcare industry and steps being made towards bringing the UN Sustainable Development Goals to life.